Pres Message

Happy New Year!
Welcome to 2021!
I think we are all relieved to see the backside of 2020! Holy moly! 2020 was certainlya year full of challenges! Hopefully during 2021 most of us can receive a COVID vaccine and then we will be able to resume a more normal life where we can gather and feel safe doing it. It would be nice to again celebrate Oldsmar Days; and I know that Leo is counting on holding the 25 years of OCF celebration in November. I hope that all these plans come to fruition.

Thank you for entrusting me to be your OCF President for the past two years. It has been busy and fun. There has always been a club activity to plan, an email to send, or club members to contact; it has kept me on my toes. This coming year I will still keep up with membership and help with the BOPC.

Speaking of BOPC, SAVE THE DATE—October 23, 2021! We will be in Auburndale again! We had a record turnout in 2020. Surprisingly, we can probably credit COVID for that, too. We were one of the first car shows after the massive shutdown and, also, most of our competition canceled their shows. There were cars and people from all over the state. It was fun and stressful because we weren’t exactly sure we could accommodate
everyone. All worked out well.

Leo has a wonderful year full of interesting meetings planned. The January meeting will be in Ocala touring Don and Donna McCullen’s collection. They have a number of one-of-a-kind autos and some special Oldsmobiles as well. The club was last there in November of 2014. We are so thankful they invited us back. Check out the newsletter for all the specifics for the meeting.

During past 2 years, Rick and I have been shuttling back and forth working to Tennessee. The many remodeling projects are nearing completion. Though we had to modify our plans for the house, it is working out well. Maybe, if it’s safe again, we can have a picnic at the Tennessee house either on the way to or from Nashville for the 2021 OCA National Car Show. For most of us it will be close to the route. Something we will have
to keep in mind as the show draws near. Rick and I wish all of you and those you love a wonderful and healthy New Year. We hope it is a year free of COVID and full of fun!

We need to keep Oldsmobiles and their history alive for future generations so…keep driving your Olds! Oldsmobiles always attract attention because they are so unique and special. People love to see and appreciate them.
Hope to see you soon at an OCF event or car show.

Merry Oldsmobiling!
Pat Whissel, your retiring President