President’s Message

Season’s Greetings to Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well! Unfortunately, I was unable to attend our monthly meeting in Plant City due to an appointment I had to keep, but I heard it was a good gathering and everyone enjoyed the food at The Whistle Stop Restaurant. They had us in a car themed part of the restaurant away from the            “Non-Rocketeer” crowd! I guess several members visited several of the little shops and antique stores looking for some knick-knacks or bling. Everyone tried to park as a group by the train station; they met early so I guess there was ample parking. I was told by a couple of members that they would like to meet in Plant City sometime again. If you haven’t been there, its old school Florida–quaint little town full of friendly people, ma’am and sir are common words in Plant City.

That’s about all I can tell you from the Plant City meeting….

 But I will tell you that the following week. Susan and I Loaded up the truck and hooked up the toy-hauler and headed to Daytona for the Turkey Rod Run! We had a great time. I hauled a pile of my old car, truck and motorcycle parts/junk and headed to the swap meet! I saw a lot of familiar faces while we were there. Kay & Pat Higgins moseyed on over to see us, as well as Kerri & Paul Berman. I also saw 3 guys that I used to work with and about half a dozen other friends. It’s kind of neat that this hobby brings old friends together that you would normally not see otherwise. It’s funny how one or two people see that you have a few Olds parts for sale and word spreads like fire! I’d always ask them where they were from and let them know about OUR Club, I even handed out a couple of applications… All the Olds people were cool, we spoke the same language, Oldsmobile! Even a couple of guys from Finland were shopping for W-30 parts!

I understand that the Olds Club of Florida used to park as a group in the show field. If we get enough members that would like to see about doing that again and spend the weekend in Daytona, I will make arrangements. If you would like to do this, call me and we’ll start a list for next November.

That’s about all I’ve got for now, Hope to see ya’ll on December 17th for our Holiday Cookout at our house. We’ll start rustling up some grub around high noon! We’ll supply the burgers, dogs and sausages along with the fixin’s for them. Please bring a covered dish made with love and your top secret recipe to share. (Store bought is cool too!) Susan and I would love to have you and hope to get a nice crowd. Please bring your Olds if you can, there is supposed to be a car show in Weeki Wachee that afternoon that we can make a run to if you so desire. Our address is 14032 Sloan Ct., Spring Hill, 34610. 

Ya’ll keep your Rockets Lit! Drive it as if it’s the coolest car on the road, because it is!