Greetings Fellow Members, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas Season! It seemed to have come upon us very quickly and has left us just as abruptly. 

I can remember as a kid not being able to sleep the night of Christmas Eve, but somehow I would. And when I woke in the morning, I’d burn rubber getting to the Christmas tree…. (Sort of like I use to do at Sunshine Dragstrip in my 68 Cutlass S as a teenager), and hope to find a slot car track, or a new bike or train set, maybe even a  8-track player! Those days are fond memories and I’m glad the tradition is still going strong, although today it’s video games, cell phones and other gizmos that I know nothing about, Yes, times have changed, but all those newfangled gizmos seem to have the same effect on today’s kids as our gifts did with us so I guess it’s still a good thing. I bet I could put a smile on your face….. Take a minute and think back to the best Christmas or Birthday or any other get together that you had as a kid. Really, think back to what made you happiest for just a minute; I’ll wait……… There it was,…. I saw it! You smiled! As I said earlier, I truly hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and please don’t forget the reason for the season…. I try to keep politics and religion out of my letters, but really, don’t forget.

Does anyone have a New Year’s resolution that they think will be successful? I’ve got a few in mind. Some have to do with working on the house and of course, some have to do with the yard… but I’m sure you would only be interested in my car related resolutions. I don’t know where to start. I have to change out the engine on the 442, pull out the 350 that was in it when I bought it and replace it with the correct 1968 400—I happened to luck into from a friend in Tampa… Or should I get the 1966 Delta 88 running and back on the road? The guy I bought it from said it was running rough and he brought it to 2 different shops; he said it runs worse now than before he took it to the shops. I had to call a wrecker to get it home… Or the ‘83 Hurst Old’s which needs a whole lot of lovin’…  Maybe next month you’ll find out which one will be first in the lineup!

As always, this Club belongs to all of us. Please send in or call if you have any suggestions for meeting places or special events that may be of interest for a club gathering. Thank you all for your loyalty as Members; you are what keeps the Club together. We’re here to serve and try to keep everyone happy & in the driver’s seat.

Until next month, stay safe and Keep Those Rockets Rolling!