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About Us - Message from the Board

Welcome Members New and Old to Olds Club of Florida!


We're glad you're reading this! You love Oldsmobiles and want to join others who feel the same. You may have found the Club on the Internet and live far from Central Florida.  You may have joined because a member approached you at a car show, or you might be a member since 1995, the year the Club was founded.

We greet you all with this message:

You have expectations, and your Board of Directors wants to know what you look forward to. Our broad goal is fulfilling the purpose of the Club:


"To further the interest in Oldsmobiles and to assist members in their effort to restore and preserve their Oldsmobiles and to have fun while doing so."


How we go about this is all in the details? We're asking for your input.

This is YOUR Club
Understand the following: This is YOUR Club, run by volunteers, people just like you. NO ONE gets paid to manage membership rosters, publish the newsletter, keep financial records, plan car shows, monthly meetings or anything else. Volunteers simply take the time to make things happen.

How about YOU?


Because this is YOUR Club, we need to hear from you by telephone, e-mail, or better yet, see you at a monthly meeting. Volunteer your time in any way you can, and we'll all benefit with better events, new friends, and new inspiration to enjoy our cars. Send the newsletter editor a photo of your Olds with the story of why you love (or hate) it.


Please do not just read the newsletter! Make it a point to attend at least one event a year, no matter where you live. Welcome to YOUR CLUB. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Your Board of Directors